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What is

Profound is an innovative, non-invasive technology that combines the power of radiofrequency energy and micro-needling to tighten and tone skin at the deepest dermal level. In addition to heating and tightening the dermis, Profound triggers the production of three vital building blocks for younger-looking skin: collagen, elastin, and hyaluronic acid. 

BLUSH a Center of Excellence for Profound and all of the Candela laser and energy platforms and Dr. Rogers travels nationally and internationally to train other physicians on the Profound device.

The Science

The revolutionary technology of the Profound procedure uses micro-needling techniques to deliver radiofrequency energy to the deepest dermis layers. Unlike other non-surgical skin-tightening treatments, Profound delivers energy directly to the targeted skin layers, thus ensuring optimal results. Radiofrequency heat energy kick-starts what’s known as the “thermocollagenesis” effect, where the body reaches a certain temperature point to spur collagen production. Profound can be used to treat delicate areas around the face and jawline, and can even be used to tighten and tone the buttocks.

The Process

A Profound radiofrequency treatment takes about an hour to administer, depending on the area being treated. Patients can expect one week of downtime resting at home as their swelling and bruising begins to heal. Privet Aesthetics provides aftercare services in office to manage this bruising and swelling with LED lights and lasers.

The Benefits

- Minimally-invasive
- Skin tightening
- Adds volume to thinning skin
- Noticeably improves jowls and sagging skin
- Contours key facial areas
- Smooths wrinkles and fine lines
- Minimizes the appearance of cellulite
- Minimal side effects
- Improves appearance of stretch marks

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