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Celluma Light Therapy Benefits

Celluma light therapy is a non-invasive medical treatment that uses specific wavelengths to destroy bacteria, improve acne, reduce fine lines and wrinkles, and even help with medical conditions like chronic pain.

Celluma light therapy is a quick, pain-free procedure that entails no recovery time. Within a few treatment sessions, many patients experience dramatic results and their skin often continues to improve over time.

If you are considering Celluma light therapy, we will provide a brief overview below and discuss the benefits of treatment.

Celluma Light Therapy: How It Works

Every patient’s experience will be customized as Celluma light therapy uses pre-specified wavelengths of light to treat individual concerns. A patient getting Celluma light therapy treatment for acne scars, for example, will have a different treatment path than someone seeking therapy for fine lines and wrinkles.

For most patients, treatment takes no longer than 30 minutes. During the procedure, you will sit or lie down as your practitioner applies the Celluma device to the treatment area. The procedure is pain-free and there is no recovery period afterwards.

Most patients need multiple treatment sessions to see results, with the number of sessions varying depending on the condition being treated.

What Are The Benefits Of Celluma Light Therapy?

Celluma light therapy has been studied and reviewed by many medical professionals as well as the FDA. There is clinical evidence that red, blue, and near-infrared light can help treat both common cosmetic issues and medical issues like chronic pain.


Celluma light therapy is a drug-free means to reduce fine lines, wrinkles, and other signs of aging. LED red light therapy can target fibroblast cells, responsible for producing collagen and elastin, two proteins that are found in connective tissues.

Stimulating production of collagen and elastin can help tighten and firm the skin. As a result, many patients see a reduction in common signs of aging within only a few light therapy sessions.

In addition to treating wrinkles and fine lines, Celluma light therapy can help firm sagging skin around the neck, which is commonly associated with aging.

Acne Reduction

Acne can be a frustrating issue to treat, especially if you end up with scars and lesions as a result of chronic breakouts. Patients who have cycled through various creams, ointments, and even prescription medications often find success with Celluma light therapy. Treatment can both reduce the surface-level appearance of acne and prevent future breakouts by improving overall skin health.

LED blue therapy can target acne-causing bacteria underneath the skin and red light therapy can emit specific, clinically-proven wavelengths of light that stimulate the immune system in the skin which then can kill bacteria more effectively. The combination of blue and red light used by Celluma devices can cause a dramatic reduction in acne.

In addition to killing bacteria, red light can also help decrease inflammation. This can reduce scars and lesions that may linger after acne is gone, improving the overall appearance of your skin.

Chronic Pain

Celluma light therapy does not just address cosmetic issues. It also helps sufferers of chronic pain and can help facilitate healing post-injury. Many patients seeking drug-free treatment options find success with Celluma light therapy.

Red and near-infrared light energy can penetrate the skin’s surface and improve skin health at a cellular level. This helps facilitate natural healing responses in the body, which can help with tissue repair. Both wavelengths also reduce inflammation. This not only reduces pain, but can help your body perform better overall during physical activities.

Are There Any Risks Associated With Celluma Light Therapy?

Celluma light therapy is FDA-cleared and considered safe for the majority of patients. Prior to undergoing treatment, your practitioner will discuss your medical history to help ensure therapy is safe for you.

Every medical procedure has risks, but risks associated with Celluma light therapy are essentially non-existent.

The Bottom Line

Celluma light therapy has provided many patients drug-free relief from chronic conditions like acne and pain. It can also help reverse signs of aging like fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin. The procedure is low-risk for most healthy adults and comes with no pain or recovery time.

If you are interested in Celluma light therapy in Beverly Hills, we recommend booking a consultation with an experienced practitioner to ensure the procedure can help you reach your goals.

At BLUSH Beverly Hills, we have extensive experience with Celluma light therapy and other similar treatments. Reach out here to book a consultation.

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