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PicoWay Laser - Tattoo Removal

A regrettable tattoo can be a source of stress and frustration. For a long time, tattoo removal treatments could do little more than cause ink to fade. With modern technology, however, tattoos are becoming far less permanent. The PicoWay laser is among the most promising options on the market for permanent tattoo removal.

The PicoWay laser is a non-invasive method that prioritizes patient comfort and safety. PicoWay offers a less painful, more effective tattoo removal solution that can even remove notoriously difficult-to-treat colors like blue and green.

Need to remove a tattoo? Below, we will provide you with a brief overview of what to expect when undergoing PicoWay laser treatment.

How Does The PicoWay Laser Work?

The PicoWay laser delivers high peak power and short pulse durations to the treatment site. This triggers a non-thermal, photoacoustic effect in the skin that addresses issues on the deepest dermal levels and shatters pigments beneath the skin’s surface. PicoWay can be used to treat benign pigmented lesions as well as tattoos.

The PicoWay laser also stimulates natural collagen production in your body, improving the overall appearance of your skin. PicoWay is also considered an anti-aging treatment that can tone your skin and help you maintain a youthful appearance.

How Is PicoWay Different From Other Tattoo Removal Methods?

PicoWay’s advantage as a laser tattoo removal method comes down to two factors: efficiency and comfort.

The PicoWay laser is immensely powerful in comparison to similar devices. The reason tattoos are difficult to remove is because the ink particle size is too large for the body to expel naturally. The PicoWay laser shatters tattoo ink into smaller particles that the body can absorb and then expel.

No matter how much they regret a tattoo, many patients are wary of tattoo removal simply because treatments are associated with intense pain. PicoWay’s very short pulse durations are designed to minimize pain, making PicoWay among the most comfortable options for tattoo removal.

What Happens During PicoWay Tattoo Removal?

First, your practitioner applies a numbing agent to ensure your comfort during the procedure. Then, they use the PicoWay handpiece on the treatment area.

Sessions usually take between 1 and 15 minutes, but may be longer for larger or more colorful tattoos.

While PicoWay is much more comfortable than most laser tattoo removal options, you will experience some discomfort during the procedure. However, most patients find any pain they experience is mild.

If you have a low pain tolerance, talk to your practitioner about your concerns ahead of time. They may be able to find ways to help you more effectively manage your discomfort.

What Is Recovery Like?

Tattoo removal recovery is usually mild. In fact, it is actually quite similar to recovering from receiving a tattoo.

In the first few days following treatment, you will experience some mild pain. Some patients may be advised to wear a bandage over the treatment area.

Pain can usually be managed with over-the-counter medications and creams. You can also use a cold compress to soothe the treatment area. Any discomfort should subside within a week.

Your practitioner may recommend an antibiotic ointment. You should avoid touching the treatment site for the first few days and only apply products your practitioner recommends. Avoiding direct sun during the healing process is also important.

You may need to take the rest of the day off after undergoing PicoWay laser treatment. Most patients can return to work the following day. However, individual recovery times vary. Make sure to ask your practitioner about your precise timeline.

PicoWay treatment comes with a very low risk of side effects. Some patients do experience redness, swelling, pinpoint bleeding, and purplish spots. Most side effects will clear up on their own, but contact your practitioner if any issues persist a week or more following treatment.

How Many Treatment Sessions Will I Need?

This is highly contingent on the size and color of your tattoo.

The majority of patients undergo three to four sessions, but very large tattoos – or tattoos with colors like blue and green – may require more treatments. Conversely, very small tattoos may only require a single session to remove.

The Bottom Line

A regrettable tattoo is often a cause of distress, but modern treatments provide hope. The PicoWay laser is highly effective at removing unwanted tattoos. Treatment comes with minimal pain, a quick recovery time, and a very low risk of side effects.

While it may take numerous treatments to get the results you want, the majority of patients are happy with the final outcome. 

Ready to get started? BLUSH’s practitioners have extensive experience with PicoWay laser treatment. Book a consultation today to talk over your options.

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