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Non-Surgical Tummy Fat Removal

Unwanted fat buildup near the stomach can be a cause of embarrassment. It can be especially frustrating when – despite your best efforts – fat deposits remain. Often, belly fat is simply the result of genetics and will not respond to diet and exercise. While this can be corrected with surgical fat reduction procedures such as liposuction, not everyone wants to undergo a major operation. Luckily, there are many non-surgical tummy fat removal options currently on the market.

Non-surgical procedures make use of everything from radio frequency heating to freezing the fat to kill fat cells around the abdomen. These procedures are minimally invasive and usually require zero downtime.

While not everyone is a good candidate for non-surgical tummy fat removal, many people get dramatic results from the procedures below. This brief overview should help you decide whether non-surgical tummy fat removal is right for you.


The only FDA approved fat reduction treatment, CoolSculpting kills fat cells by strategically exposing specific areas of the body to extreme cold. CoolSculpting is very popular for removing tummy fat. When done correctly, CoolSculpting reduces fat by 20 to 25%.

CoolSculpting does require more than one treatment to be successful. Most patients have to undergo three to five 30 minute treatments to see results, depending on the size and volume of the treatment area. During the procedure, your practitioner will strap cooling hand-piece to your stomach. You may feel uncomfortably cold for a few minutes, but this usually passes quickly.

Some people experience mild redness and swelling after CoolSculpting, but this usually clears up within a few days. You should be able to return to your regular routine immediately following treatment.

Radio Frequency Lipolysis

There are several devices on the market that can reduce fat using RF technology. One of the latest and most popular is the Inmode Evolve. During this procedure, practitioners straps multiple treatment heads to the desired area of the body, to heat fat cells via radio frequency. Radio frequency targets fat cells specifically, causing them to die and then be ejected by the body.

Similar to CoolSculpting, it reduces the fat in the treatment area, but results may not be as dramatic. On average, patients see a reduction of two to three inches in their waist.

Radio frequency lipolysis takes around thirty minutes. Most people need four 30 minute treatments administered once a week to see results. However, results do vary. Some patients need more or less sessions.

There are no activity restrictions after undergoing radio frequency lipolysis. You can return to your regular routine immediately following treatment.

Ultrasound Fat Reduction

Ultrasound fat reduction therapy uses focused sonic waves to break down fat cells. The treatment is designed to target fat cells specifically and not damage the surrounding tissue. This means ultrasound fat reduction often results in less swelling and bruising immediately after the procedure.

Ultrasound fat reduction usually requires three treatments administered over the course of two weeks. Results are not noticeable immediately. It will take four months to see the full effects of this procedure.

The Limitations Of Non-Surgical Tummy Fat Removal

Non-surgical fat reduction is not for everyone. While the results are usually noticeable and often fairly dramatic, the procedure cannot treat every cosmetic issue and patients sometimes have unreasonable expectations.

It is important to understand none of the above procedures are a substitute for weight loss. They are designed to get rid of stubborn fat deposits around the abdomen that do not respond to diet and exercise. If you are not at a healthy weight, you are probably not a good candidate for non-surgical tummy fat removal.

Another limitation of the above procedures is that they are not designed to tighten skin. There are other non-invasive technologies that can tighten skin, however for those with a significant amount of excess skin,  a tummy tuck or similar operation may be necessary.

Non-Surgical Tummy Fat Removal: The Bottom Line

Non-surgical tummy fat removal is often the best option to treat unwanted fat around the abdomen. For many, non-surgical procedures are the better option. Surgery is not always necessary to correct many cosmetic issues. If you are at a healthy weight and do not have loose, sagging skin around the stomach, the procedures above may be greatly beneficial to your self-esteem and self-image.

CoolSculpting yields the most dramatic results, but – depending on your goals and specific body – another procedure may work best for you. Talking your options over with a board certified plastic surgeon can help you decide the right course of action to get the results you want.

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