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Kybella vs. Coolsculpting

Struggling with a double chin can be extremely disheartening. Some people try all kinds of diets, face and neck workouts, and other methods to shrink their “double chins,” but they may or may not have any success. Losing weight isn’t easy for most, nor is it always even an option. Additionally, you cannot spot reduce fat in specific areas such as the chin area. Some may still struggle with extra fat under their chin even after weight loss. Many people experience this fullness in their chin due to weight, age, or even genetics. This excess skin and fat near the chin can add years to the face and make you appear heavier than you actually are.

If a double chin is something you struggle with– something that affects your day-to-day self-image and confidence level or something that you simply would be happier without, there are minimally invasive options that specifically target the “double chin” concern.

Kybella and CoolSculpting are two popular cosmetic treatments that are minimally invasive and widely used to target under chin fat and eliminate it to leave you with a slimmer, more defined-looking jawline and face. Both treatments target the same concern but have different approaches, and one or the other may be better suited for you depending on your goals, concerns, and preferences. Below, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about each different treatment option and which one may be the best fit for you.


Kybella® (also known as deoxycholic acid) is a natural substance that dissolves fat by attacking cell membranes and liquifying them for absorption in the body. The treatment itself involves a series of up to 50 injections under the chin area. A Kybella treatment takes less than 30 minutes per session, and most patients only require between two and four treatments–though they see improvements after just the first session.

This treatment is an alternative option to many other surgical methods of double chin elimination, like liposuction. Unlike surgery, Kybella does not require anesthesia, so there is no downtime associated with this procedure. Patients often prefer this method solely because they can immediately return to work and other everyday activities.

Many patients prefer the Kybella treatment option because:

  • It’s a fast and easy injectable treatment that’s non-surgical
  • Patients often begin to see results after the first session
  • Patients can return to work or their normal activities immediately after
  • There is minimal pain and side effects involved

Kybella may not be the right treatment for you if:

  • You are uncomfortable with needles and injections.
  • You’re looking for permanent results. Patients may gain fat back in the treatment area if they gain weight after achieving results.
  • You’re looking for a less expensive treatment option.

Read Double Chin Reduction with Kybella for further information.


CoolSculpting® is a method of eliminating stubborn body fat in a non-invasive way–and one of the only ways to target the fat cells that are resistant to diet and exercise. Coolsculpting uses controlled cooling to destroy fat cells and allow them to be absorbed by the body. This cooling extracts energy from the fat layers, causing fat cells to gradually die without affecting surrounding tissues. After the treatment, the lymphatic system filters out these processed fat cells over a period of months. If you would like to see the entire non-invasive procedure, check out our YouTube Video here.

During a Coolsculpting treatment, a clear gel pad and applicator are applied to the treatment area. During the first few minutes, patients will feel cold as the cooling begins. This does not last long, however, as most patients are able to start then working, reading, or even napping for the remainder of their 35-minute treatment.

Many patients opt-in for Coolsculpting to treat their double chin concerns because:

  • It does not involve needles, anesthesia, or incisions
  • It’s a more affordable treatment option
  • There is no downtime
  • The treatment is fast and requires minimal sessions
  • The results are long-lasting
  • The treatment is virtually pain-free

CoolSculpting may not be the right treatment choice for you if:

  • Cooling sensations are uncomfortable for you, or you’re highly sensitive to the cold.
  • You don’t want to experience longer-term side effects. Since the treatment effects continue to work weeks afterward, it’s common to experience some minor tenderness or swelling the following days or weeks after a session as the fat cells continue to be destroyed and removed.
  • Your body is not at an ideal weight before starting CoolSculpting treatments.

The Bottom Line

When deciding on Coolsculpting vs. Kybella– or any treatment for your body– it is important to remember that everyone’s body and priorities are different. Take into account your goals, what would make you most comfortable, and how much money you would like to spend. The time commitment and side effects are very comparable between the two treatments. Both procedures are FDA-approved, safe, and effective. The question is, which one is the best fit for you?

The best thing you can do is continue doing your own research. Then take the time to talk to professionals about every question you have, and finally, make the best decision for you. We promise that doing so will result in a happier you– inside and out. Contact our experts at BLUSH Beverly Hills to learn more about Kybella vs. Coolsculpting today.