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Are you considering Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC for your next dermal filler treatment? If so, you may be wondering which one is the best choice for you. Both of these products consist of a smooth hyaluronic acid gel, but they have different properties to address different concerns.

Along with being widely considered to be one of the best lip fillers, Juvederm is a top choice as a filler for marionette lines and cheeks.

In this article, we’ll compare them to help you decide which dermal filler is best for you. We’ll also discuss what Juvederm is and answer 3 of the most commonly asked questions about these dermal fillers.

What is Juvederm? 

Juvederm is one of the most popular collections of dermal fillers on the market today. Among their offerings is the formula that many, including Kylie Jenner, consider the best lip filler available. Juvederm’s FDA-approved dermal fillers are used by millions of people each year to enhance lips, treat facial wrinkles and folds, and contour and restore the lower half of the face.

The active ingredient in Juvederm fillers is hyaluronic acid, which is a naturally occurring substance in human connective tissue, skin, and joints that help keep these areas hydrated and plump. Hyaluronic acid is a humectant that adds volume and carries nutrients to the skin, helping it retain moisture and softness. When injected into the skin, Juvederm works to instantly add volume and lift wrinkles and folds, restoring a youthful appearance.

In addition, research shows that hyaluronic acid fillers do double duty by stimulating the body to generate new collagen, which aids in reducing deep lines and creases from the inside out over time. The new collagen forms after the Juvederm filler begins to break down, providing a longer-lasting rejuvenation than non-hyaluronic fillers.

Juvederm is generally safe for most people and typically doesn’t have any significant side effects.

There are several formulas in the Juvederm collection and each one is used to address a different set of problems, areas, or goals. To help you pick the best one for your aesthetic goals, we’ll outline the differences between two of the most popular dermal Juvederm fillers: Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC.

Juvederm Ultra XC And Juvederm Ultra Plus XC: Overall Differences

Ultra XC 

Ultra XC is an advanced dermal filler that has been successfully used by millions of people to revitalize the mid-face and lips and reverse early signs of aging. It has an incredibly smooth consistency and is excellent for contouring, restoring hydration, and adding volume. 

It’s most often used to treat fine lines and wrinkles around the mouth, including marionette lines. Because it contains 0.3% lidocaine, procedures are quick and relatively pain-free.

Ultra XC is generally a good choice for someone new to dermal fillers who wants to correct mild to moderate volume loss, wrinkles, or creasing. This lightweight formula is excellent in reversing early signs of facial aging.

It can last up to a full year. In addition, there may not be a need for touch-ups.

Ultra Plus XC 

With its substantially thicker formula, Ultra Plus XC offers a heavier-duty solution for more robust lip fillers and deeper creasing and lines in the mid-face and chin areas.

It contains a higher available concentration of hyaluronic acid than Ultra XC so it can better correct more advanced hollowing and depressions in the cheeks and loose, sagging skin.

Just like its lighter-weight counterpart, it contains 0.3% lidocaine, allowing for a relatively easy and painless procedure.

This filler is often recommended for those who’ve successfully used Ultra XC in the past, but who are no longer getting their desired results.

Because a person loses more natural volume as they age, they’ll require more advanced lifting capabilities of a thicker dermal filler. Even if they’re new to injectable dermal fillers, Ultra Plus XC may be a good choice if they have severe static wrinkling or volume loss.

Like Ultra XC, Ultra Plus XC can last up to a year. Many patients require periodic touch-up injections nine months after their procedure.

Remember These Key Differences Between Juvederm’s Ultra XC and Ultra Plus XC

Juvederm Ultra XC 

● Fine-moderate vertical lines around the mouth

● Lip augmentation and plumping

● Fine-moderate nasolabial folds

● Fine-moderate corner lines

● Fine-moderate marionette lines

● Lighter-weight

● Includes lidocaine

● Touch-ups may be needed

Juvederm Ultra Plus XC 

● Non-surgical lip augmentation and plumping

● Volume loss in the cheeks

● Volume loss in the tops of the hands

● Moderate-heavy vertical lines around the mouth

● Moderate-heavy nasolabial folds

● Moderate-heavy corner lines

● Moderate-heavy marionette lines

● Heavier-weight

● Includes lidocaine

● Touch-ups generally needed

Most Commonly Asked Questions About Juvederm Fillers 

What Is The Best Lip Filler: Juvederm Ultra XC or Juvederm Ultra Plus XC?

Non-surgical lip augmentation has never been easier or more natural with advancements in dermal filler treatments. While Ultra XC’s finer consistency makes it an effective lip filler, some doctors prefer Ultra Plus XC to plump, contour, and shape the lips. For this reason, some consider Ultra Plus XC the best filler.

Is Juvederm A Filler For Marionette Lines? 

Yes, it’s an excellent filler for smile lines, marionettes, and corner lines.

How Long Does Juvederm Last? 

Treatments typically last 9-12 months.

How Much Does Juvederm Cost?

Ultra XC costs less than Ultra Plus XC. The actual cost of treatment depends on how much you need to achieve your desired look.

How Long Does A Juvederm Treatment Take?

The average treatment takes between 15 and 30 minutes. Results are immediate and continue to improve in the first weeks after the procedure. You’ll have minimal to no downtime and can resume regular activities on the same day of the procedure


We hope this helps you understand the differences between Juvederm Ultra XC and Juvederm Ultra Plus XC so you can determine the best choice for your needs. Blush Beverly Hills has extensive experience with Juvederm fillers. Click here to learn more about how Blush Beverly Hills can help you achieve your desired filler results.