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Benefits Of Morpheus Skin Treatment

Morpheus skin treatment combines microneedling with radiofrequency technologies to target the deepest layers of skin to stimulate the production of collagen. From minimizing the effects of aging to diminishing acne scars, Morpheus can be used to treat a wide range of skin issues. 

Another major plus is that Morpheus is a minimally invasive procedure that comes with very little downtime or aftercare. Treatment is pain-free and typically takes less than 30 minutes to complete.

If you are considering Morpheus treatment, we’ll go over some of its biggest benefits below.

Benefits Of Morpheus Skin Treatment

More Customizable & Dramatic Results

Patients who opt for Morpheus are often seeking treatment for very specific problem areas, such as their jowls, jawline, or neck. Morpheus treatment is able to better target layers of skin and deep tissue, allowing your practitioner to customize your results. Due to its precision, Morpheus can even help with facial contouring. Prior to your procedure, you will have a consultation during which you will discuss your goals.

Morpheus does not just address superficial layers of skin, but targets deeper adipose fat, which creates loose skin. Therefore, the results are often much more dramatic than they would be with similar treatments. Morpheus can be hugely beneficial for patients that are seeking dramatic changes, but want to avoid invasive surgical procedures such as face lifts.

It Works On All Skin Types

As opposed to many forms of aesthetic medicine, Morpheus works on virtually any skin type. Anyone looking to reduce wrinkles and fine lines, treat acne scars, or tighten sagging skin can benefit from Morpheus treatment. (That being said, you should always check with your practitioner first to ensure you’re a good candidate.)

While skin type is never a barrier to Morpheus treatment, if you have open wounds or sun burns, you will usually have to wait until they heal fully before undergoing Morpheus. Those with chronic skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema can usually undergo Morpheus treatment if their symptoms are under control, but we recommend getting clearance from a dermatologist first. 

It Treats Acne Scars 

While Morpheus and other forms of aesthetic medicine are often associated with anti-aging treatment, Morpheus doesn’t just address wrinkles and fine lines. It can be an effective means to help with acne scars.

Acne scars are notoriously difficult to treat even with quality over-the-counter products and a good skin care routine. Morpheus can be an immense relief for those who have cycled through other options with little avail. The Morpheus device creates micro-wounds in your subdermal tissues. As the needles puncture your skin, the RF energy then triggers a remodeling process. Over time, this can significantly diminish acne scars to the point where they are nearly invisible.

You Notice Results Fast – And It Keeps Getting Better

You don’t have to wait too long to see Morpheus’s dramatic impact on your skin’s appearance. Within a few days, after the initial swelling and redness goes down, you should see some significant improvement. However, this is only the beginning.

The body takes about 12 weeks to start producing new collagen, after which you’ll start seeing more dramatic changes to your skin. Your results should continue to improve for about six months following treatment.

No Downtime & Minimal Side Effects

Directly after receiving Morpheus treatment, you can resume the majority of your day-to-day activities right away. Only small lifestyle changes are needed to ensure safety. You will have to stay out of the sun and refrain from wearing makeup for the first week after treatment. Depending on your individual needs, your practitioner may advise you to use a special moisturizer on the treatment area.

Most patients have minimal side effects, if any. You may have mild bruising, redness, and swelling following the procedure, but this should clear up on its own within a few days. With proper precautions – like regular use of sunscreen – serious side effects are extremely rare.

Benefits Of Morpheus Skin Treatment: The Bottom Line

The buzz surrounding Morpheus skin treatment is well deserved as the combination of RF and microneedling can have a powerful impact on skin health. Morpheus is a noninvasive, highly effective means of treating a variety of skin issues. As Morpheus works on all skin types, the vast majority of people can safely undergo Morpheus and see dramatic results customized to their individual needs.

Think Morpheus 8 is right for you? At BLUSH Beverly Hills, we have a talented team of medical professionals with decades worth of experience, including experience with this treatment. If you’re interested in talking over the procedure, reach out here and someone will be in touch shortly.