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double chin removal

Double chins are caused by excess fat under the chin and are a big concern for many people. They can cause you to look old prematurely, overweight, or have the appearance of a fuller, heavier face and jawline. Having a consultation with a qualified practitioner is the best way to ensure you get the double chin removal treatment that’s right for you.

Some people may think having a double chin is a sign of being overweight or needing to lose weight; however, many people at a healthy weight also struggle with a double chin. Dealing with a double chin isn’t only for people who struggle with their weight. Many people are challenged with a double chin due to genetics, how they hold fat, their age, existing medical conditions, and more. And for some, diet and exercise alone aren’t enough to shed their unwanted chin fat. 

While there’s nothing wrong with having a double chin, if you want to do something about it, there are plenty of options. Thanks to innovations in surgical and non-surgical treatments, there are a wide variety of options to get rid of an unwanted double chin. These treatment options can permanently rid you of your double chin while creating a more defined jawline and profile for an overall more attractive, youthful, and lifted appearance. 

In this article, we’ll go over what causes a double chin and what your different treatment and cosmetic options are to choose the right path for your desired outcome. 

Double Chin Causes

Even though there is nothing medically wrong with having a double chin, many people may feel self-conscious about it. Double chins are associated with weight gain or being overweight. However, there are a myriad of reasons for having a double chin. And it’s important to consider what the cause of your double chin is before deciding on the best treatment to get rid of it. 

Having a double chin may seem as simple as just having extra fat that can be eliminated through diet and exercise. While that may work for some people, it’s not always the case. Here are a few of the common causes of a double chin.

Excess Fat and Weight Gain

One of the most common causes of a double chin is weight gain and excess fat. Fatty tissue has to be stored somewhere and under the chin is one of the many places excess fat goes. When you gain weight, the excess fat will be stored throughout the body, and for some people, it can be particularly easy to gain weight in the face. For some, it may be the first place they tend to gain weight and the hardest to lose. A double chin from weight gain can particularly affect one’s self-confidence since it’s harder to hide fat in that area or make it look slimmer without actually getting rid of it. 


Of course, having a double chin isn’t exclusively caused by weight gain or removable through diet and exercise. Sometimes a double chin is caused by the natural aging process. As we grow older, our skin begins to lose elasticity, and for some, that can result in the look of a double chin. The amount of collagen our skin produces begins to decline around our mid-20s, and when this happens, the skin starts to lose its elasticity and sag. 

When the skin under the jaw and chin begins to sag, it can create the same effect as if there is extra fat in the area, resulting in a double chin look. We also tend to lose muscular definition as we age, which can accentuate the look of a double chin. 

While the aging process is natural, certain habits and lifestyle choices can speed up the process of aging and potentially cause a double chin due to premature aging:

  • Smoking
  • Poor diet
  • Sun exposure

All three of these are significant factors that lead to premature aging and directly affect the health of our skin. A healthy lifestyle and a good skincare routine can help reduce the effects of aging.

Poor Posture and Muscle Weakness

The increased use of smart devices and the tendency to be looking down at these devices can also be a culprit in developing a double chin. When we use our phones, tablets, and even laptops, we tend to either look down or crane our necks. Adopting this posture not only can cause neck pain but also can have negative effects on the platysma muscle that connects the chin to the neck. When this muscle weakens, the tone around the jowls becomes reduced and can create a sagging effect. 

This is one reason why some people can be very slim and at a healthy weight yet develop a double chin. If you fit into this category then it’s a good idea to evaluate your posture and make some adjustments before moving forward with a cosmetic treatment.

Facial Structure

There are some factors associated with a double chin that are completely out of your control, and one of those is your facial structure. Just like how certain body shapes enable people to wear weight in a more flattering way than others, the same goes for facial anatomy. 

Specifically, people who have a recessive chin or weak jawline may be more susceptible to developing a double chin. This is because, for these types of facial structures, the skin is stretched over a smaller area and less tightly drawn over the face. Even the slightest increase in weight or fat in this area, or decrease in elasticity, can cause a double chin. 

This, in conjunction with the next cause, is the main reason people can be slim, but still have a double chin. 


One of the main factors for having a double chin is genetics. If your family has a history of double chins, carrying more fat in that area, or skin sagging, you’re likely predisposed towards developing a double chin as well. While there isn’t a specific gene for double chins, our genetics determine where our body sends and stores fat and the amount of skin elasticity we naturally have. 

All of this, including how our genetics determine our facial structure, can cause people to have a double chin without being overweight. It can also make it harder for some people to eliminate under-chin fat with just diet and exercise. 

Double Chin Removal Cosmetic and Treatment Options

Regardless of the cause of your double chin, there are multiple treatment options available to help eliminate the unwanted fat and create a slimmer, more defined look to the face. To ultimately determine which treatment option is best for you, it’s important to understand what the cause of your double chin is and consult with a plastic surgeon to assess your concerns and get the most effective option to meet your desired outcome. Below, we’ll go over various double chin treatments so you can become familiar with your options.

A Healthy Lifestyle

First and foremost, if a double chin is a concern, it’s important to rule out lifestyle habits and excess weight gain. If certain lifestyle choices are contributing to your double chin, you’ll want to start making changes before moving forward with a cosmetic treatment option. 

A healthy diet, staying hydrated, and adopting a regular exercise routine can help you lose the excess fat you’re carrying in your chin and jaw area and keep the weight away. You may notice a significant improvement in your double chin from these changes and can then decide if you’re happy with the outcome or want to use a cosmetic treatment option to enhance your results.

It’s also important to make sure you’re taking care of your skin to ensure that skin elasticity is not the cause of your double chin. Cutting down on habits that negatively affect your skin’s elastin production, like smoking, poor diet, and sun exposure can help keep decreased skin elasticity and sagging at bay. 

Reducing alcohol consumption is also another possible lifestyle change to take into consideration. Alcohol consumption dehydrates us and the skin, which isn’t only bad for the skin but also causes our bodies to react by retaining excess water. This causes puffiness and bloating that will accentuate the appearance of a double chin. 

In addition to lifestyle changes, face masks and skincare treatments can help promote collagen production, increase skin elasticity, and help with lymphatic drainage and depuffing the skin to reduce the appearance of a double chin.

CoolSculpting Double Chin Removal

One popular non-surgical double chin removal treatment is CoolSculpting. This simple and fast procedure freezes the fat cells in the chin and jawline area in order to reduce the fat pad underneath the chin. The ‘CoolMini’ applicator is placed under the jawline to freeze double-chin fat cells. After the session, your body will naturally flush out the dead fat cells, and you’ll notice a reduction in fat and results over six to eight weeks. 

Depending on each individual’s condition and concerns, you may need multiple CoolSculpting sessions to achieve your desired outcome. Your practitioner will give you an estimate of how many sessions you may need during your consultation. 

Kybella Double Chin Removal

Kybella has become popular as a well-known non-surgical double chin removal treatment. This treatment is an FDA-approved injectable that targets submental fat under the chin. Kybella is a deoxycholic acid, which is a fat degrading substance naturally found in our bodies. When injected, Kybella destroys the fat cells, causing an inflammatory reaction, and then the body naturally eliminates the destroyed fat cells. Once the fat cells are destroyed, they can no longer accumulate or store fat. 

Kybella is a simple procedure with very little downtime. You may experience mild swelling for up to two weeks after the treatment. Most patients require 2 to 4 treatments before achieving their desired results, and each treatment is usually a month apart. 

Submental Liposuction

For those who want more reliable and dramatic results when eliminating a double chin, submental liposuction is a good treatment double chin removal. Submental liposuction surgically and permanently removes the fat from under the chin by breaking up the unwanted fat in the area and then sucking it out with a cannula through a small incision. 

While this outpatient procedure requires a bit more downtime than non-surgical treatment options, it is still minimal. The majority of patients only require local anesthesia and are awake during the procedure. It’s common to experience swelling and bruising for a few weeks after the procedure, and the results will begin to settle in after a few months when the skin begins to contour after the fat has been removed. 

This treatment option is ideal for someone who only wants to undergo one procedure and desires more dramatic results. The effects of liposuction are also permanent, so patients don’t have to worry about gaining the fat back. However, it’s important to note that it’s recommended to still maintain a healthy lifestyle to avoid any excessive weight gain. It’s also beneficial to already be at your goal weight before having submental liposuction for the best results.

Neck Lift Double Chin Removal

A neck lift may be the best option if excess skin contributes to a double chin. This surgical procedure can be paired with submental liposuction to remove unwanted fat and tighten the skin. A neck lift will eliminate the excess fat and skin around the chin and jaw area for a slimmer, tighter, more youthful appearance. Like liposuction, a neck lift requires one to two weeks of downtime, but is a single procedure and will produce dramatic results for double chin removal. 

The Bottom Line

If you don’t want to deal with having a double chin and can’t seem to get rid of it through diet and exercise, there are plenty of treatment options to choose from. The best way to make sure you get the double chin removal treatment that’s right for you and will give you the outcome you’re looking for is by having a consultation with a knowledgeable and licensed practitioner. 

BLUSH Beverly Hills offers multiple double chin removal treatment options. Our highly-trained staff can assess your concerns and recommend the best treatment option to help you eliminate your double chin and achieve your ideal look. Ready to get started? Contact our team to set up a consultation now.