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Double Chin Reduction

A double chin is one of the most frequently cited insecurities when it comes to facial structure. Stubborn fat that congregates near the chin and neck can be difficult to get rid of, but double chin reduction is possible.

Weight loss can often slim down the face and neck, resulting in significant reduction and even elimination of a double chin. However, when a double chin is caused by genetics, weight loss may not eliminate fat deposits near the chin. In these cases, aesthetic medicine can help.

Below, we will talk about the best options for double chin reduction.

Can I Reduce My Double Chin Naturally?

It is possible to reduce your double chin naturally, although not everyone will get their desired results from natural methods alone. A double chin, sometimes called submental fat, occurs when a layer of fat builds up underneath the chin. This can sometimes be the result of weight gain, so a calorie-restricted diet and exercise routine may slim down a double chin.

While there is little in the way of hard scientific evidence, working the muscles in the neck could potentially help. Spot reduction – that is, targeted reduction of fat in a certain area – is a myth, but firmer, more toned muscles can make fat less apparent.

Exercises such as holding a ball under your chin or tilting your head back and stretching your lower jaw forward for 10-second intervals may help tone neck muscles. However, evidence is mostly anecdotal, so these and similar techniques may not work for everyone.

For many people, a double chin is caused by genetics. This means – even in the event of fat loss – fat will continue to congregate around the chin. This can be very frustrating if you’re insecure about your facial structure. In these cases, aesthetic medicine can help.


Kybella is currently the only non-invasive injectable option on the market to treat a double chin. While it is relatively new, clinical trials already show Kybella is 82.4% effective.

The key to Kybella is deoxycholic acid, a naturally-occurring molecule that helps the body break down and reabsorb fat cells. When injected directly into the neck and chin, Kybella will remove unwanted fat over time, gradually reducing and eventually eliminating your double chin.

Kybella treatments are quick and easy. Little preparation is needed ahead of time, although your practitioner may ask you to avoid certain over-the-counter medications that can interfere with blood clotting. Follow any instructions closely to avoid complications.


Treatment is quick and easy and usually takes less than 30 minutes. Your practitioner numbs the treatment area and then administers up to 50 injections just below the chin. While some patients experience a mild burning sensation, treatment is not typically painful. Most patients need three to four treatment sessions to see results.

There is no downtime following Kybella treatment. You can resume normal activities immediately and aftercare is minimal. You may need to avoid salty foods as they can increase swelling. Any soreness can be treated with over-the-counter medications such as Tylenol.

Is Kybella Safe?

Kybella has been FDA approved since 2015 and is considered safe for the majority of healthy adults. However, every medical procedure carries some risks. Prior to undergoing Kybella treatment, you will have a consultation to ensure you are not at an increased risk for complications.

If you notice signs of infection in the treatment area such as discharge or intense pain, contact your practitioner. While infections are rare, they can easily be treated with antibiotics and early intervention is important.

In rare cases, patients can experience more severe side effects including nerve injury or open sores. The best way to avoid complications is to work with a qualified practitioner and follow all aftercare instructions closely.

Kybella may not be safe for you if you:

  • Take medications that interfere with blood clotting
  • Are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Have had medical conditions that affect the neck area
  • Experience difficulty swallowing

Does Kybella Permanently Eliminate A Double Chin

Many patients are seeking a form of permanent double chin reduction and wonder whether Kybella will eliminate fat beneath the chin for good. The answer is somewhat complicated.

Fat cells destroyed after Kybella treatment are permanently eliminated from the body and will not return. However, your facial structure will change over time due to factors such as aging and weight gain. Your double chin will always be less prominent, but you may notice small amounts of unwanted fat forming under the chin in the years following treatment.

Double Chin Reduction: The Bottom Line

Double chin reduction is possible through natural means. Weight loss will often slim down the entire body, including the face and neck. However, genetics can play a role in fat distribution throughout the body. For double chins that do not respond to weight loss, Kybella is a simple and effective means to eliminate a double chin.

There are other non-invasive techniques to reduce submental fat (double chin) such as CoolSculpting and various radio frequency therapies. But, the results are often less dramatic and treatments generally take more time.

Think Kybella is right for you? At BLUSH Beverly Hills, we have a talented team of medical professionals with decades worth of experience, including experience with Kybella injections. If you’re interested in talking over the procedure, reach out here and someone will be in touch shortly.

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