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Dysport Injections

Often compared to Botox, Dysport injections are a lesser known, but is a highly effective means of treating wrinkles, fine lines, and other signs of aging. Dysport is notable in that it is often used to treat more severe wrinkles and often specifically targets glabellar wrinkles, which refer to the vertical creases between the eyebrows.

While Dysport injections have been around since 2009, they have received considerable hype in recent years due to increased popularity and public awareness. Dysport injections often sound too good to be true, so it is natural to wonder whether they really work.

The truth is, Dysport injections are highly effective for the vast majority of patients under the age of 65. If you are considering Dysport treatment, we will provide a brief overview of the science and efficacy of Dysport injections below.

How Do Dysport Injections Work?

Dysport is a form of botulinum toxin, which is also used in Botox, but has a slightly different molecular form. It is injected under the skin to targeted muscles. Dysport relaxes these muscles, preventing facial contractions and smoothing out the skin.

The main difference between Dysport and Botox is that Dysport diffuses through the tissues more extensively. Meaning, the effects spread out further than Botox. This is advantageous when treating certain areas like the aforementioned glabella wrinkles and more severe wrinkles and fine lines in general. The effects of Dysport also tend to become apparent more quickly than Botox. Dysport takes 2-4 days on average, where Botox takes 5-7 days.

Do Dysport Injections Really Work?

For the majority of patients, yes, although Dysport is only recommended for patients under 65.

Dysport has been FDA-approved since 2009 and is considered a highly effective method of temporarily treating wrinkles, fine lines, and signs of aging. In fact, by some estimates, Dysport has an 80% efficacy rate. To clarify, 80% of patients who received Dysport injections were satisfied with the outcome. In the right practitioner’s hands, this number should be much closer to 100%.

What Happens During Dysport Treatment?

Dysport treatment is quick, easy, and comes with very little downtime.

Your practitioner may apply a numbing cream and then inject the treatment site. This usually takes less than 30 minutes. After treatment, you can resume your regular activities right away, but your practitioner may have specific recommendations for you regarding aftercare. Follow their instructions closely to avoid complications.

Most patients do not experience pain during treatment, but you may experience mild bruising and soreness for a day or two. This should clear up on its own and typically does not require treatment. Any pain can be managed with home remedies like ice packs and over-the-counter medication.

How Long Does Dysport Last?

Everyone’s body is different and will therefore react differently to Dysport treatment. In most cases, results begin to fade within three to four months, at which point you will need follow-up treatment.

However, in some cases, your results may last longer or shorter than the typical timeline. Your practitioner can help you determine when to pursue followup treatment and even provide guidance on how to make your results last as long as possible.

Are Dysport Injections Safe?

For the majority of healthy adults, yes. As previously mentioned, Dysport injections have been FDA-approved since 2009 and rarely cause serious side effects. However, every procedure entails some risk.

Few patients experience issues such as headaches, sinus problems, pain near the injection site, and infection. These issues often clear up on their own or can be easily treated with medication and antibiotics. Talk to your practitioner if you have any lingering pain or concerning symptoms that persist more than a few days following treatment.

In very rare cases, more serious complications can occur if Dysport spreads to other areas of the body. If you experience symptoms such as difficulty swallowing or speaking, blurry or double vision, droopy eyelids, or muscle weakness, contact your practitioner right away.

While it is important to be vigilant about serious side effects, Dysport remains very safe overall. The best way to reduce your risk of side effects is to work with a reputable, experienced practitioner and follow all aftercare instructions closely.

Do Dysport Injections Really Work? The Bottom Line

While they may sound too good to be true, Dysport injections really are worth the hype. They are a highly effective, low-risk means of treating severe wrinkles, fine lines, folds, and signs of aging. While you will need periodic follow-up treatment to maintain results, Dysport can have a dramatic effect on your overall appearance and improve your self-esteem and self-image.

Think Dysport is right for you? At BLUSH Beverly Hills, we have a talented team of medical professionals with decades worth of experience. If you’re interested in talking over the procedure, reach out here and someone will be in touch shortly.

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